cappuccino Cappuccino is a typical Italian beverage made from espresso and milk. Cappuccino is usually defined as 1/3 espresso, 1/3 heated milk and 1/3 milk is whipped until frothy. Another definition says 1/3 espresso and 2/3 microfoam. Cappuccino is different than latte macchiato, which consists mostly of milk and a little foam. ("Dry Cappuccino" contains less milk.)

In Italian cappuccino drink is almost always only in the morning for breakfast. In some other countries cappuccino is consumed throughout the day or after dinner.

In addition to a good espresso, the most important element in making the cappuccino is the texture and temperature of milk. Well-trained barista cappuccino created microfoam milk by inserting air bubbles very smooth into the milk. This makes the milk very smooth and sweet.
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Ideally cappuccino made on a ceramic coffee mug that has a capacity to store heat much better than glass or paper. In certain places, skilled baristas create latte art when pouring milk that has been heated to the right into the espresso, creating designs such as apples, hearts, leaves, and leaf series.

Until the 1990's cappuccino only be taken in Europe and some major cities in North America, but after that cappuccino more easily available to the people of North America in a fancy coffee shop franchise, with the atmosphere of "European style"


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This is for all fellow coffee drinkers. Do you purchase a latte every day on your way to work> I love lattes but buying them can be pricey. So here's a collection of free-poured latte art images so you can get inspired and make your own. Where's my Coffee? i'm the one of those people who absolutely cannot function until they had their morning with a cup of coffee. I used to buy a latte every morning on my way to work, now I know how to make a perfect latte at home. Let us make your event memorable with latte design and picture ideas here. If you like your coffee a little more exciting than black, then this coffee blog is for you.
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Everyone loves going to a café, ordering a latte and being presented with a lovely heart or flower etched in foam on top. A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk or soy milk. Variants include replacing the coffee with another drink base. collection of free-poured latte art photos explain how to make the perfect cafe latte, as well as creative designs to wow your friends and family. It can be created or embellished by simply "drawing" in the top layer of foam. As a coffee connoisseur, I've learned to appreciate all the work that goes into these images. coffee butterfly coffee art

Latte customized

latte art bear coffee art A latte (literally “milk” in Italian) can be customized in a variety of ways with different milks, extra shots of espresso, or the addition of flavored syrups. the cafe latte has a greater proportion of steamed milk than the cappuccino. What's the difference between Cappuccino and Latte? The Italian method of preparing coffee with hot milk gave rise to two very popular coffee. It is espresso with foamed milk. The difference between latte and cappuccino is in the process of cooking. If for preparing cappuccino we pour milk into the cup of espresso, then with latte everything is vice verse.
- Substituting steamed half & half for steamed milk, a latte becomes a breve.
- Adding chocolate, a latte becomes a mocha.
- Substituting drip coffee for espresso, a latte becomes a café au lait.
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coffee art Since 1980s, the art form created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso , or so called latte art, has been widely welcomed within the modern society. Lattes are an easy creation to make at home. At, many of people goes here are regular maestros at the whole latte art thing and we all are always trying to improve my espresso skills and latte art. here you're also going to see a lot of examples of some really first rate latte art done by some of famous baristas. Looks like we've mastered free pouring and have latte art down to a science. but can you believe if someone has never had a latte until now? For some reason , the idea just never appealed to few people. this is the time to spread the best news, a cup of coffee and a muse for everyone throughout the world.

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Coffee Art

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Last weekend, a friend invited me to enjoy the evening in a cafe. Incidentally, I am a connoisseur of coffee and I ordered a cup of coffee latte to a waiter at the cafe earlier. Latte itself comes from the Italian, which means milk. While American-style coffee latte is a combination of espresso and milk. It's just a mixture of milk is more dominant.

Honestly, I am not so familiar with the cafe, so I am somewhat in awe as a cup of coffee latte my order arrived. In the heat of the coffee leaf decorated with images from the hot milk froth. "It's beautiful," so I said to myself. Latte art or coffee latte art to decorate, that's the name of beauty contained in a glass of coffee latte earlier. It seems, because it's so good, it would be very unfortunate if you have to ruin it by drinking coffee decoration.

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From the literature I've read, apparently coffee art has been around since 1000 BC in Egypt. The development in the cappuccino was introduced by the Romans and Greeks. Approximately 20 to 25 years ago, back latte art popular in Italy, which then spread to various parts of the world.

Foam topping on latte art comes from the heated milk. Decoration of the latte art form itself can vary, for example in the form of leaves, petals, human faces, trees, hearts, and so forth. Generally, latte art is done manually, directly from the hands of the coffee maker. Even so, today, in line with the development of technology, latte art can also be made with the help of tools such as a printer. Art to decorate the coffee with this printer is equally beautiful, and also be able to enjoy because the ink used is an consumable ink,… err.. Interesting is not it?

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Initially, latte art coffee just acts as an ornamental. But now, latte art is also performed to provide a more delicious taste of a cup of coffee. But in my shadow, to master the technique of latte art seems not easy issues.

How, do you also want to learn latte art techniques?

Or simply become a coffee connoisseur like me.

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Latte or Caffè latte (which means that Italian coffee milk) espresso or coffee is mixed with milk and has a thin layer of foam on top. Comparison between milk with coffee at the caffè latte is 3:1. Latte or Caffè latte (which means that Italian coffee milk) espresso or coffee is mixed with milk and has a thin layer of foam on top. Comparison between milk with coffee at the caffè latte is 3:1. This drink was first invented in Italy in late 1950 by Lino Meiorin. He is the owner of a cafe and is the first of the Italian barista. Cafe visitors weren’t used to the taste of a traditional cappuccino which is very sharp and therefore, they ask for more milk (latte) to be mixed with coffee. Eventually Lino decided to sell espresso drinks with more milk and call it a "caffè latte". At that time, he presents a caffè latte in a bowl and then switched to a glass of beer. Now, caffè latte served in a cup and embellished with a touch of art (Art of Latte).

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One important factor is the quality of a latte frothing milk whose function is to enhance and strengthen the flavor of coffee, not vice versa. So if you think milk latte is not more dominant than the coffee or coffee with a little taste of milk. To achieve these criteria would need an espresso machine that powered to generate the foam frothing benar2 smooth or micro foam in the milk, in addition to technical skills of the barista course.
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these art pictures are here to ignite your sense of coffee art. so why don't we start to get some inspirations?

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what kind of espresso coffee which called latte art? Probably not many people who never heard the word "Latte Art" but as Coffee Lovers would see or try the coffee with the Latte Art.
Latter latte art or art is a method of preparing coffee was created by pouring steamed milk into the espresso and produces a pattern or design on the surface of the coffee. It is also be made by simply drawing on a layer of foam. Latte art is very difficult to make because of the condition required demands of the two shots of espresso and latte. This coffee art depends on barista experiences and quality of the espresso machine.

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Latte art is the term used to refer to painted drawings design on the surface of the espresso-based drinks. To produce a beautiful painting, it takes a special skill in the art serves a good latte to coffee lovers. One important factor is the quality of a latte frothing milk whose function is to enhance and strengthen the flavor of coffee, not vice versa, so milk latte is not more dominant than the coffee or coffee with a little taste of milk.

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