Coffee Art

coffee art
Last weekend, a friend invited me to enjoy the evening in a cafe. Incidentally, I am a connoisseur of coffee and I ordered a cup of coffee latte to a waiter at the cafe earlier. Latte itself comes from the Italian, which means milk. While American-style coffee latte is a combination of espresso and milk. It's just a mixture of milk is more dominant.

Honestly, I am not so familiar with the cafe, so I am somewhat in awe as a cup of coffee latte my order arrived. In the heat of the coffee leaf decorated with images from the hot milk froth. "It's beautiful," so I said to myself. Latte art or coffee latte art to decorate, that's the name of beauty contained in a glass of coffee latte earlier. It seems, because it's so good, it would be very unfortunate if you have to ruin it by drinking coffee decoration.

latte artcoffee artcoffee art

From the literature I've read, apparently coffee art has been around since 1000 BC in Egypt. The development in the cappuccino was introduced by the Romans and Greeks. Approximately 20 to 25 years ago, back latte art popular in Italy, which then spread to various parts of the world.

Foam topping on latte art comes from the heated milk. Decoration of the latte art form itself can vary, for example in the form of leaves, petals, human faces, trees, hearts, and so forth. Generally, latte art is done manually, directly from the hands of the coffee maker. Even so, today, in line with the development of technology, latte art can also be made with the help of tools such as a printer. Art to decorate the coffee with this printer is equally beautiful, and also be able to enjoy because the ink used is an consumable ink,… err.. Interesting is not it?

cute coffee artlatte artcoffee art

Initially, latte art coffee just acts as an ornamental. But now, latte art is also performed to provide a more delicious taste of a cup of coffee. But in my shadow, to master the technique of latte art seems not easy issues.

How, do you also want to learn latte art techniques?

Or simply become a coffee connoisseur like me.

coffee artcoffee artcoffee artcoffee artcafe trai tim

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