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Perhaps you think just drink regular cappuccino. In fact, the type of coffee beverage on this one there is a work of art called Latte Art. The term is used to refer to a picture or design which is called the surface of the espresso-based beverages. Latte art has existed since 1988 in Italy and spread in various countries around the world. In the modern era, latte art serves not only displays the aesthetic side in a cup of coffee, but also to get a cup of coffee with a better taste. Produced from the milk foam latte art is usually very smooth, so that when combined with foam drink milk, it will feel softer because they blend in with the coffee.

Techniques to create a pattern on top of the coffee are usually applied to a cafe latte because it has a ratio of milk and foam the most support. Latte art can be a measure of whether espresso, milk and foam are mixed to perfection. To get a perfect cappuccino, it is not just the taste that must be considered, But also a beautiful pattern on the surface of the cup of coffee. The barista who prepared cappuccino must have specialized skills in preparing coffee, especially for latte art. Not only the skill, have they also had to have passion to make in order to create a perfect cappuccino. So, not only the cappuccino flavor that makes people falls in love. But also because of the beauty of the coffee art patterns in it and prepared with love.

latte artcoffee artcoffee art

Latte is milk in Italian. In English speaking countries usually refers to some type of latte coffee dishes are prepared by adding hot milk. In Italian dish is known as "caffè e latte" (commonly called "caffelatte"), literally means "coffee and milk", regular coffee is also analogous to the French "café au lait" and latte macchiato are very similar (but they are not the same!).
coffee artcoffee artcoffee artcoffee artcafé con lechecoffee artcoffee art

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