top 3 latte art animal designs

do you love animals? ... wait, this is supposed to be about coffee right?... well, animal designs for latte art surely is one of the best art. here are my favorite top 3 latte art animal designs so far,.. got them collected to share here in this blog..
latte art animal designs
elephant latte art
you can see my first choice is elephant latte art. this is beautiful as seen. you can get the visualization of two things,.. an elephant and India epic story. all in one cup of a coffee and a muse for our thoughts.

the second design is a mouse. as you can see this is marvelous. it's very realistic and you can get the impression that it is a 3D mouse image.
latte art animal designs
mouse latte art

the third is the wolf. can't get enough of this. not as much details as the mouse, its simplicity brought the design directly into your mind.
latte art animal designs
wolf latte art

I'm sure there are lots more, what about your choice?

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