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This is for all fellow coffee drinkers. Do you purchase a latte every day on your way to work> I love lattes but buying them can be pricey. So here's a collection of free-poured latte art images so you can get inspired and make your own. Where's my Coffee? i'm the one of those people who absolutely cannot function until they had their morning with a cup of coffee. I used to buy a latte every morning on my way to work, now I know how to make a perfect latte at home. Let us make your event memorable with latte design and picture ideas here. If you like your coffee a little more exciting than black, then this coffee blog is for you.
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1 comment:

Brenian Chew said...

WOW, the coffee art there is amazing,
I've tried doing the simple love art on my latte,

but it seems you need a pretty steady hand and good eye for how the cream will flow....

need to find myself a good espresso machine first.

Thanks for the info above.