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what kind of espresso coffee which called latte art? Probably not many people who never heard the word "Latte Art" but as Coffee Lovers would see or try the coffee with the Latte Art.
Latter latte art or art is a method of preparing coffee was created by pouring steamed milk into the espresso and produces a pattern or design on the surface of the coffee. It is also be made by simply drawing on a layer of foam. Latte art is very difficult to make because of the condition required demands of the two shots of espresso and latte. This coffee art depends on barista experiences and quality of the espresso machine.

coffee artcoffee latte artcoffee art

Latte art is the term used to refer to painted drawings design on the surface of the espresso-based drinks. To produce a beautiful painting, it takes a special skill in the art serves a good latte to coffee lovers. One important factor is the quality of a latte frothing milk whose function is to enhance and strengthen the flavor of coffee, not vice versa, so milk latte is not more dominant than the coffee or coffee with a little taste of milk.

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Finn Felton said...

Wow, I loved the design. I wish my cup of coffee also has Latte Art in it. Thanks for posting these images. It is very impressive.

Finn Felton
Kopi Luwak