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According to the terms used in the USA since about 1985, lattes are served in a proportional-third espresso and two-thirds steam milk. So, thus latte coffee contains more milk than coffee cappuccino, latte but it is also softer and feels more milk. Latte also be prepared by pouring the coffee and milk simultaneously, from any side of the beverage container. The evolution of this term is relatively new and may have come from the spread of "madness" of coffee in 1980, which extends all over the USA (and also outside the USA) through a growing network of Starbucks is from Seattle. Some cafes create unique designs latte milk foam shapes called coffee art.

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But always remember, if you order a cup of "latte" in an Italian café that will make a barista serves you a glass of milk.

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On the other side of the world (for example, Australia) is usually served in a latte glass, which is presented on the bed of a small plate with a napkin that can be used to hold the glass (often hot). Most of the barista will heat the milk at a temperature of 65-70 C, above that temperature, the milk will change it. These dishes are generally made using a 30 ml shot of espresso and topped with milk froth well. In New Zealand even regular latte served in a bowl in many coffee shops. Milk latte served in a "frothy", and sometimes decorated shape. Latte can be served wet or dry. Wet means no foaming while dry means more froth. Now go get some coffee latte art!

coffee art

indeed it's good words those can you read in the morning, isn't it? :)

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